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SinkPADTM - PCB Thermal Management Technology

SinkPADTM is a PCB technology that makes it possible to conduct heat out of the LED and into the atmosphere in a faster and more efficient manner. While the primary focus of SinkPADTM technology is the rapidly evolving LED market, there are other applications for which SinkPADTM technology is an ideal candidate.

SinkPADTM is dedicated to meet the customer’s demand by supplying SinkPAD TM technology products directly as per the design. Our goal is to continue the advancement of SinkPADTM technology and other creative intellectual property and to be a solution provider in the LED thermal management.

The SinkPADTM promise is to reduce LED junction temperature allowing users to increase LED life, increase reliability, increase brightness, increase lumens per LED and reduce dollar per lumens and that is a promise SinkPADTM definitely delivers on.

SinkPAD offers a variety of "Single" mount Star PCBs for many popular high power LEDs on the market. All of these Star PCBs available in Aluminum base and some of them are also available in Copper base. We are very confident of our product’s ability to reduce LED junction temperature where we have decided to offer selected LEDs mounted on to SinkPAD PCB for quick test and validation in your own lab...Don’t just believe us; See it yourself.


Disclaimer: All products and logos are the property of their respective manufacturer

Manufacturing Capability:

  • Aluminum Base Single & Multilayer PCB
  • Copper Base Single & Multilayer PCB
  • Flammability 94V-0 Rating
  • UL Certified - USA & Canada
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Lead-Free HASL, HASL, ENIG, OSP Finish
  • Special Soldermask for LED application
  • Capable of V-Scoring, NC Route & Punching
  • Prototype to High Volume Production
  • Manufacturing Presence in Asia

We have invested great deal of resources in establishing thermal test capability & technical knowledge at SinkPADTM. We have state-of-the-art Infrared thermal testing capability in-house. We want our customers to make informed decision when it comes to thermal performance of their luminair. For that we perform actual thermal test and measure LED jucntion temperature on an existing PCB and SinkPAD TM PCB side by side and share result with a customer. This way customers know exact value of using SinkPADTM technology. Below is a summary of various testing we have done with a variety of industry standard LEDs :

  • Cree XPG: 1-LED mounted on 1"x1" PCB, at Drive current 700mA LED running ~10o C cooler on SinkPADTM PCB compare to a standard MCPCB 
  • Cree XPG: 9-LEDs mounted on a 1"x1" PCB, at 900mA LEDs running ~21oC cooler on SinkPAD TM PCB compare to a standard MCPCB 
  • Cree XBD: 1-LED mounted ona Star PCB, at 1A LED running ~12oC cooler on SinkPADTM PCB compare to a standard MCPCB
  • Cree XTE: 15-LEDs mounted on 1.85" round PCB, at 700mA LEDs running ~10o C cooler on SinkPADTM PCB compare to a standard MCPCB
  • Cree XML: 5-LEDs mounted on strip, at 2A LEDs running ~7oC cooler on SinkPADTM PCB compare to a standard MCPCB 
  • Bridgelux SM4: 1-LED mounted on a Star PCB, at 350mA LED running ~7oC cooler on SInkPADTM PCB compare to a standard MCPCB
  • Luxeon Rebel: 10-LEDs mounted on a 2" round PCB, at 700mA LEDs running ~12o C cooler on SinkPADTM PCB compare to a standard MCPCB
  • Luxeon M: 1-LED mounted on a Star PCB, at 700mA LED running ~20oC cooler on SinkPADTM PCB compare to a standard MCPCB

    IAN OSBORNChief Engineer

    Wild Ideas Company's Chief Engineer and inventor Ian Osborn stated, We in the modern lighting industry are constantly faced with heat dissipation and cooling issues...


    ERIC MUTCHEngineering Manager

    The SinkPAD design has enabled Bruck Lighting to achieve better performance from our existing line of LED fixtures. We use advance designs and materials to manufactur...


    JOHN RENNChief Scientist & Co-founder

    Speaking as the Chief Scientist and co-founder of Evluma, LLC, I would like to congratulate SinkPad for providing us with award winning thermal technology that has ena...


    PHIL AHRENSDirector of Product Development

    Creating an LED replacement lamp for HID lighting applications requires exploiting every thermal advantage we can find. After reviewing the current landscape of run-o...